Network related things failing all over the place on multiple servers

PAC3 OGGs no longer work no matter where they’re hosted, with the reason: Download failed
A Text-To-Speech thing a server I play on uses is no longer working with a BASS stream error 41
[del]An IRC plugin on the same server also does not work anymore.[/del] EDIT: SEEMS THIS ONE WAS JUST A FLUKE

Servers using networking related things with a custom module still seem to work. (Like Metastruct’s web chat)

This all started at almost the exact same time yesterday.

All of my friends have the same issues, it’s not just me.

What’s strange is that there hasn’t been a Gmod update lately to even cause any of this to happen.

A friend of mine who hosts his own files for PAC3 says his still works because he added a special header to his hosted pages that allows OGGs to work. But it didn’t need those before.

What’s going on?

Edit: Seems like this is just a problem with audio based stuff only.

This is definitely something that needs to be taken care of fast. Not because it is messing with addons and servers, but because this means there may be another hacker messing with the files. Something similar happened a while back, but it was MUCH more obvious. (They replaced the Airboat with a horse. Anyone remember this happening?)
This simple problem could be a warning sign to Garry.
Just throwing my ideas out there.

Update. Seems like yesterday a silent update was pushed to Gmod without a version update or anything. Garry’s Mod: a day ago
Maybe this has something to do with it?

It’s the dev branch. It is updated very often.

Oh, dammit.

I hope a fix or something gets found soon.