Networking between servers?

Is it possible for my servers to send messages to each other? I want to allow users on my servers to request help from staff on the other servers.

What I’m thinking is
Person a is playing on server 1, no staff are on server 1 but staff are on server 2
Person b joins, b is a using an aimbot / speedhacks.
Person a uses the !getadmins command
A message is sent to server 2 alerting the staff that a user has requested help on server 1.
Admin goes to server 1 and saves the day.
People rejoice

I know I could make it store help requests in a mysql server on my website and have the servers pull from that to find out if there are any new requests for help, but that seems like a stupid way to do it. Is there a way to allow my servers to send messages between them.

Sockets is pretty much the best way of doing it, otherwise constantly scraping a webpage on the client or mySQL being the best options afterwards.

Shout out to you for actually seeing this as a problem and avoiding implementing it as your solution!

Like Teddi said, your options are sockets, MySQL, or scrapping a web page. Sockets is the only reliable and sane way to do it. Scrapping a web page is a bad idea because http.Get/http.Post has a history of randomly hanging for a long time. MySQL would work but, like you said, it’s a stupid way to do it.