Networking in S&Box & Source 2

Hi all, is there any information out there discussing what client->server and server->client networking might look like in S&Box on Source 2 as apposed to Garry’s Mod which uses its own net library? I have no idea whether the GMod implementation is wrapped around something internally within the engine with a bit of modifications or whether it is entirely proprietary. I would assume the latter based on the age of S1. However, it would be nice to see something functionally similar in S&Box. Perhaps it is too early for discussion, but I’ve always thought this system was relatively easy to work with.

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Have a read of this, I think you’ll enjoy the streamlined nature:

A lot of Source2 stuff tends to be server-side directed, with it being sync’d to the client. So it should be magnitudes easier to work with so long as you have a clear idea of what you want