Networking large tables?

Hey, Any advice on networking large tables efficiently.

net/WriteTable is not advised so i have been told when it comes to large logs.

Use multiple net messages and only write simple types.

I encode the table and use netstreamto send it

In my leaderboard addon my table is laid out in the fashion of the board - month and Alltime then in each of them the user and the score.

So my tables can get quite big and when I used to use just net.writetable it got to the point not all data was sent and it was slow and it errored, now I never normally need to move that entire table to the client but when I do what I do is convert it to a string with util.TableToJSON then compress that and send it as data so here is the server sending it and the client getting it.

You could write a library for efficiently networking tables. Would actually probably be really useful.

There are couple out there already.

There’s one I wrote:
And there’s Wyozi’s one: