NetworkVars or NWVars

You heared about the new update of garrysmod right ?
I realy did not understand what better to use
or NetworkVars
Its the same thing isn’t it ?

[del]It is the same, but you should use Set/GetNW* instead of Set/GetNetworked*, because first one is shorter.[/del]

I can’t read.

Networkvars are a wrapper of DTVars ( which are limited to 32 per type ) and need to be setup with


The new NWVars don’t need any of that, you can just do entity:SetNWInt( “mylevel” , 13 ) and that’s it.

In the future you won’t have to worry about the difference between the two, as they’ll be merged.

If I have self:NetworkVar( “Bool”, 0, “StoveOn” );
To what I need to change the “NetworkVar” ?
And thanks you all about the help.

You just set the initial value serverside in ENT:Initialize(), self:SetNWBool( “StoveOn” , false ).