Neumond Autos "Commercials"

This is a small range of commercials i made for my fictional car company. Neumond Autos.

They’re all aimed at a 70’s/60’s advertisement look.[/t][t][/t]

Here’s the first one i made, kind of crap.

Anyway that’s all for now! I’ll be adding more over time.

Perfect from beginning.

You put in lots of effort clearly, great job. I think if I were you, I’d try and give those screenshots the light they deserve. You should light it up with a lamp in darker environments IMO, if the entities even respond to lamps that is

I agree, i’ll try it in the next one i make. Thanks for the advice.


This is very retro, reminds me of the 1970s German commercials. Very well executed!

they’re alright I guess, but I would prefer it if you did videos :V
Perhaps we could do a P2P and do some filming?