Neuro Cars - vehicles with AI

Here’s the new update, This is the last update for now, I need to deal with some personal things so i won’t be online for a while.

**Added: **
Neuro Towers (small and large)
Neuro Brain / Ball
APC - Javelin super rockets
Neuro Rocket Launcher - Only works on vehicles mounted with a Neuro Brain.

Neuro Cars won’t attack their owners.
Fixed typo in the humvee code.

Neuro Towers:
Tesla Coil when defence systems are enabled.
Anti-gravity Sphere while charging (8 seconds before attack)
the small towers adds 1024 units to the cars range,
the large ones adds 2048. You need 4-5 towers for the cars to work well.

Neuro Brain:
This fellow finds his own ride, If there’s no rides nearby, he will make his way to the nearest Neuro Tower, if there’s no neuro towers he’ll go for players.
Can drive both airboats and jeeps.



Bye for now :wink:

I’ve been working on this project for a while now, it started out as a police car that followed players and killed NPCs. Then someone in my WIP thread requested Destruction Derby cars, so i turned the cop car into an evil truck that’ll try to smash other neuro cars and / or players.

Remember, this is still a work in progress, so if you find a bug or if you want some cool features, post here and i’ll look into it. :wink:

Before you report any bugs check this list of known bugs:

*the cars sometimes ends up in an infinite loop when they’re trying to reverse.

Players gets smashed by the cars sometimes.

The cars won’t avoid some obstacles.

The APC sometimes believes it’s a monster truck and tries to climb over large objects.

The cars won’t go on random path finding ? I haven’t coded that yet and it’s very advanced so that’s a “Maybe in the future” feature.

Version 0.5b
Delete any older versions you have before installing this!

Changed / Added:

Military Humvee with mounted machinegun. this one handles heavy terrain excellent :wink: If you get to close to the humvee, it’ll start placing landmines behind it, so watch out! side note: * You can disarm the landmines by pressing E quick while aiming at them. the landmines also explodes if you shoot at them with enough firepower.*

APC with dumbfire rockets, it can launch up to 8 rockets in 3.2 seconds, the rockets will explode near the targets.

Note: both the Humvee and the APC will try to kill you before anything else! The APC have a fire range at 8 kilometers so keep wearing that tinfoil!

Impreza and cop car handles high speed turning better.
Gave them better handling in heavy terrain.

picture of a rocket rain on freespace06 :wink:

Version 0.5a - Old

*Added proper vehicle scripts for all cars.
Cops will kill players named mingebag before NPCs.
Cops also attacks Derby trucks.
Derby trucks won’t tip over / bash into walls as frequent as before.
Gave Impreza higher topspeed.
Included 2 more maps:

This addon includes:

3 Vehicles:
the cop car.
Destruction Derby truck.
Subaru Impreza.

2 Maps:
Neurocars_destructionderby_night - Made by me
gm_dirtbowl - Made by Apollo441

The Police car


Destruction Derby


also screenshot:

Extract the folder to: garrysmod/addons

Police Car without gun.
Extract to: Garrysmod/lua/entities/ don’t rename the folder or it won’t spawn!

I’ve made a new map,

:siren: Credits: :siren:**

Apollo - gm_dirtbowl
Sealpower - S-Mine model

Darkslicer - Beta testing
Ccharlton_27 - Beta testing
CapsAdmin - Beta testing
MastaChief35 - Beta testing

to the people who made the car models i’ve used: Sorry for not asking for permission but PM me or post here and i’ll add you to the list :wink:


Holy sh-

That’s awesome!

Very Nice, Lua King’d

Holy papper kings.


lua king for you

This is pretty damn cool. You could use this for many things! You have my d/l!

Oh My word that is the best thing i have ever seen.
Instant download for me.
Here have a lua king :slight_smile:

Awesome hoffa! it was very funny to beta test the cars!

Awesome Just Awesome :smiley:

Awesome hoffa! it was very funny to beta test the cars!


Damn clicked as a mistake more than once on it… sorry :frowning:

nice man i think your’e the best and keep at it to become the best of the best (me)

Amazing dude, Just amazing

gm_dustbowl dose not work but good job im makeing a football map and i can use your AI cars for it.

Ahh you released it sweet, woo destruction derby that was me :smiley:


Oh by the way, did you manage to impliment jintos’ A* pathfinding module?

Also all we need now is breakble pannels on the vehicles, speaking of breakable, can these vehicles be used with the “breakable props” stool or not?

So, how do you spawn the cars? Or is there some way to apply the AI to the vehicles?

Entities section of yor Q-menu… perhaps.

Ooh, it’s under entities. I was looking in vehicles.

Police car seemed to have some trouble with bodies. :v: should fix that.

Other than that it’s an incredible idea! Now I can race someone in singleplayer! All I suggest is to keep improving the script and AI. For that you get a king.

That has to do with the model :frowning: i could probably fix it by removing the collisions between ragdolls and the vehicle but that would look weird.

Interesting, there’s lots of things you can do with this. Definitely going to try this out now…

I’ll probably get it myself tomorrow…