NeuroTec Vehicles Addon Pack

NeuroTec is the collective name for NeuroPlanes, NeuroTanks, NeuroNaval and NeuroWeapons. NeuroTec started in early 2010 under the development name NeuroPlanes. My very first idea for the addon was to create a few AI controlled aircrafts but after a while the community wanted flyable versions as well. In the beginning we had an A-10 Thunderbolt, an F-22 and an F-16. Today, thanks to the combined effort of facepunch, we’re the biggest vehicle addon ever made [citation needed]

What is NeuroTec?
Listed in reverse chronological order, Newest first

[media] for 100+ more videos.

Keybinds and Console Commands:

NeuroTec Addon is big… Scratch that, it’s fucking huge and we’re constantly updating it so we can’t .zip and upload it somewhere. Instead we use Subversion, we won’t change this practice.
Don’t ask about Workshop uploads or you’ll be the next thing we launch out of the artillery.

Tortoise SVN - This is what we use, deal with it.


Make 6 folders in garrysmod/Addons, hawx, neuroplanes, neurobase, neuroweapons, neuronaval, neurotanks
 0. Install Tortoise SVN
 1. Right-click neurobase and click SVN CHECKOUT
 2. Paste this link into URL of Repository:
 3. Press OK and it will start downloading.
 Repeat for the other 5 SVN's

REQUIRED for other addons to function!

Scale 1/8th War Thunder and scale 1/16th World of Warships rip-off, 100% drivable, 200% awesome.

Gives you a wide selection of drivable tanks.

Anti-Air, SAMs, and Turrets. Both AI and controllable. Also gives you a few explosives to blow shit up with.


Adds Boats, Submarines and an F-14B Bombcat with torpedo’s!

NeuroPlanes + HawX Model Pack
NeuroPlanes utilize the models from Hawx so one won’t work without the other.


Hawx Skin Pack (fixes missing textures on some V1 planes)

Join our test server :v:
[Sweden]Official NeuroTec Test Server:

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This would not have been possible without the effort from StarChick971, Aftokinito, Killstr3aks, Professor Heavy and Sillirion with contributions from Fireking552, Flyboi, Inaki and Sakarias88 and many many more. We believe that sharing is caring and seeing how we have used tons of other peoples models creating this we give you the full right to use any parts of our source code for your own projects.



You will find some planes under the NeuroTec Aviation v2 tab which don’t use the same controls.
[table=“width: 500, class: grid, align: center”]
W / +forward
Go down

S / +back
Go up

A / +moveleft	
Tilt Left

D / +moveright	
Tilt Right

Tab/ +score

Turn Left

R/ +reload

Turn Right

Shift / +speed
Increase speed (using Afterburner)

Left Alt/ +walk
Airbrake and Drift

Ctrl / +duck

Not used for the moment


[table=“width: 500, class: grid, align: center”]

Mouse1 / +attack
Shoot Minigun

Mouse2 / +attack2
Launch selected weapon

R / +reload
Cycle weapon

Left Alt/ +walk

Release current target

Space / +jump



Highlight keybinds

seems to be in conflict at this moment until fix.

To make a very short turn you can drift your plane using at the same time Airbrake+Pitch controls but you must care about your speed!



All of this may change with the next updates so keep have a look on this first page.

Some pictures:

tips coming soon…

:eng101: Here are some console commands you can use with the addon:
[table=“width: 500, class: grid, align: left”]


Toggle between 1st and 3rd person view.

Toggle the green head-up display.

Toggle 3rd person view type.

Enable the bombing view.

Dislay the ennemies on the screen.

Display ennemies' health bar.

Display a panel HUD.

Let s have fun.

It is time to go to a jet meeting.



  • bind this command to a key. :wink:

[release]List of entities:
A-6 Intruder A-7 Corsair II A-10 Thunderbolt II AC-47 Spooky AC-130 “Spectre” ADF-01 Falken AV-8A Harrier

F-22 Raptor F-4E Phantom F-14A Tomcat F-14 Tomcat F-15 ACTIVE F-15C Eagle F-15E Strike Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon F-18 HARV
F-35 Lightning II F-117 Nighthawk F/A-18C Hornet F/A-18E Super Hornet F/A-18RC FA-22 Raptor

JAS-39 Gripen
Kirov Airship
Mig-29 Fulcrum
Dassault Mirage 2000 N Dassault Rafale
Su-47 Berkut
Tacticool Gman Bomber
X-02 Wyvern XA-20 Razorback YF-12 Blackbird YF-17 Cobra

NPC Jets
ADF-01 Falken A-10 Thunderbolt II AC-130 “Spectre”
F-15 ACTIVE F-15C Eagle F-15E Strike Eagle
Pilotfish UCAV

CAIC WZ-10 Combine Helicopter
Denel AH-2 Rooivalk
Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark Kamov Ka-27 “Helix”
MH-53J Pave Low IIIE Mil Mi-24 Hind Mil Mi-28 Havoc
RAH-66 Comanche
UH-1 Iroquois UH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 Blackhawk

NPC Helicopters
Helicopter Drone
AH-64 Apache
K-60 Helicopter Kamov Ka-27 “Helix A”

ZSU-23-4 Shilka

NPC Tanks
T-80U (NPC)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka (NPC)

Cluster Bomb Bunker Buster MK-82 JDAM MK-82 JDAM Big Jericho Missile Jericho Drone
Homing Missile Laser Guided Missile Rocket Nuclear Missile Rocket Torpedo Torpedo Missile
Sea Missile Sea Torpedo

Turrets and guns
Super Turret Naval Turret Anti-Air Unit
20MM Shell 40MM Shell 105MM Shell
Bofors 40MM GAU-2A 20MM
105MM Howitzer Vulcan 20MM
Mounted Minigun

Automatic turrets
Super Turret

U-Boat Submarine
Rattack Boat

Helicopter Rotor (not spawnable)
Work In Progress…

Holy fucking shit man.

still have new models in waiting but we need a modeler, someone to ports the model on gmod

Took me an hour to write the thread… Is there anything I should add to the OP?

Hoffa1337: is this new version of your work?

It’s what we’ve been working on for quite some time now

Good times

This has been requested a while…

[release]**[Neuroplanes] **

Changeset [299]: AC-130: Added Auto-Pilot on WALK (default Alt)

Yeah you can use the guns as a pilot now.


Hoffa comes through again.

I was the one who told him the idea ;).

EC365 helicopter will be fixed soon…

Improved the HUD

Fixed the Mil-24 HIND glasses and the position of the gun camera.


I’m working on the tanks right now. Any ideas or suggestions? Existing ones are priority so suggest features and/or changes.

Make the code more understandable so when gmod 13 beta is live i can make the ww2 ones easily lol.

(Fuck the garry, i want the beta D:)

Yeah eventually I’m going to dumb it down so that all you need is 3 models and some coordinates to make a tank.

I have 2 bugs:

The Kamarov Heli cannot attack and the Terminator tank cannot walk, nor attack.

I really wanted to drive the Kamarov

I just looked at the Salvation tank and it seems to be working. The other one haven’t had its parts aligned yet. It’s the most boring part to do.

I’ve fixed the 110FS Lars btw.

so that’s the new thread ?

mmmh, I like it !