Neuschwanstein Castle

Sorry everyone, posted in the wrong section last time, hopefully I won’t get in trouble. Anyways

Hey there everyone. So it’s been a long time since I last posted, almost 4 years lol, well I’m back to release my first and probably last HL2/garry’s mod map (although I used dod to compile lol). I’d really like to finish this map but time constraints and school forced me to take short cuts here and there and the map itself has some errors lol. When I compiled it my computer almost exploded and I haven’t even compiled it properly yet. The back and the front are not connected yet, that’s probably been the most challenging part of the map.

Anywaysssssss enough of my life story, the map itself is a recreation of Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps or whatever.

The Castle:

I originally intended on constructing Hogwarts but I was way in over my head with that one. This was more doable. My main idea was to make all rooms EVERYTHING, accessible, but as you might imagine, the performance suffers a bit. I’d say it’s about 80% done. What I wanted to include was a sort of highway or mountainous region with winding roads. But I don’t know if I have time to do all that. Well here it is, used my Dropbox account for pictures, click on the full size thing to see, well, fullsize…:

Oh and all cred for most of the textures goes to the guy who designed the map called Opra for Medal of Honor, thanks dude, anddddd that’s it, tell me what ya think.

The Map:

pardon the floating objects


Looks great, amazing that you can explore all of it.

Very nice! Use the **

picture link


Wow that looks amazing!

Very nice!


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That looks incredible! Nice job!! :biggrin:

Lovely map. : )

Wow! Nice map! Some more skybox work and it is done!!!


Nice looking map you got there crae.

thanks everyone!

Needs a nice skybox. Card trees and mountains, several village homes, also fog would go great with this.