Neustart - Server Restarter

Neustart is a program designed in C# to automatically restart frozen and exited applications.
It was created for SuperiorServers to replace the ancient ServerDoc software that required yearly updates and insisted on donations. But hey, open source is the best!

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From the main interface you’ll be presented with simple controls to start, stop, show, hide and edit an application’s preferences.
Note: Neustart will remember your preference when you start or stop an application. So, stopping a program will mean that next time you open Neustart, it won’t automatically start. That also means that a program that is started will automatically start next time Neustart is opened.

Adding applications

Simple and easy to work, adding an application to be restarted is a breeze. Give it an identifier and tell it where and what to do! Optionally choose CPU cores for the application to run on to split your workload.


  • Dynamically add, edit, and remove applications without ever needing to restart Neustart
  • Automatically stop and restart an application if its process hasn’t responded in a significant amount of time
  • Configuration file is a nicely formatted JSON file that is human readable
  • Program-specific crash monitoring supported (i.e. querying srcds instances if Neustart can determine the IP and port being bound)
  • Minimize to task tray and continue monitoring in the background
  • Automatically checks for new releases on GitHub and gives a notification to update

What’s to come?
Our next goal will be to implement an optional web-based control panel to use remotely.


  • NewtonSoft JSON Library: NuGet
  • MetroModernUI: NuGet

Compiling Neustart should be very straightforward. Project files are already included and should be as simple as Project->Build.

Shame there’s nothing like this for Linux but looks cool nonetheless!

Pretty sure there are tools for that.

May i ask what exactly does the Hide button?

Also, this looks fucking amazing.
I love you.

For linux you can use supervisor, assuming the process actually ends itself on Linux, and doesn’t just “freeze”

It hides the window for that process when it’s running.

Also, one suggestion.
Can you make it so that it also makes the servers start with a configurable priority as: Real Time, High, Above from normal, Normal, etc…

Thank you for this awsome tool. Im going to be using it for everything.
Its user friendly and it has a nice gui.

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Also, one idea:

Some sort of Server Arguments thing that is like this:

Game: deployable box with various options as Gmod, CS:GO, CS:S, etc
Server Name: writable box (a textbox)
Max Players: Number box
No Crash Dialog?: deployable box wich has yes or no
Tickrate: Number box with default number of tickrate

Workshop Collection: same as above
Steam Api key: same as above
Gamemode: gamemode name

Gametype: deployable box with various options

And things like that, to make it more user friendly to the new server hosters, wich at the end would add “commands” to the command line.

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Hope i helped

I have one suggestion, when you click on the stop button, could you make it so you could have some stop commands ran? Such as for most source servers you can do “quit” to stop it

Just pushed a new release.

aStonedPenguin added CPU Usage and RAM Usage to the overview.
I added CPU Priorities to App settings and reordered the columns so the buttons are far-right.

Could you add a check box with authkey and workshopid by chance?

As well as maxplayers and map?

You can do that all from command line.

Wow… i really need this

Yes I am aware, just for convenience sake.

I think this is a good alternative to finding starting bats.

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Always appreciated your work Drew

There does seem to be a small issue where the application freezes while the servers are loading which means I have to wait for one to load to start the next one.

Oh I’m not Drew :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, it’s meant to stagger start the applications. The entire program refusing input while it waits is a bug. But, I can see where that’s annoying sometimes. I’ll probably add a setting to start the apps simultaneously.

Oops, sorry about the missunderstanding. I’ve still seen some of your work and I’ve always been impressed.

King doesn’t want to do it that way Neustart can easily be used on other games.

I did go ahead and make the box a little bigger and multiline so it’s less of an annoyance.

BRB Downloading new copy.

Would be cool if you could make this connect with putty, for an online dedicated server.

any way you can add support for minecraft, it seems to crash the program for a vanilla minecraft server, other then that this thing is great, thanks for this :")