C&C Please.

Uhh… It’s been a while since I’ve posted… I don’t know if my opinion will count for anything, but here they are:
The muzzle flash is amazing white… most guns fire a dirty dark orange color, pretty much just a small explosion, because that’s all it is.
The posing on the terrorist is a little odd, I’m not sure if he’s walking, falling, drunk or being shot more than once.

Oo no one has posted? hm, well i like it, blood and muzzle flash could be better that’s about it.

The posing on the Terroist looks like he’s gettin’ pumped full of bullets even though he’s just getting shot in the wrist, Nice other than those 3 things.

This. I do like it though. :smiley:

Nice posing.

Muzzle flash looks like ass, no ejections, no smoke, the guy looks like he’s staggering back even though he was just shot in the wrist, hardly any blood at all and the round got lodged in his WRIST. I do like the backlighting on the terrorist, and the posing on the other two blokes is fine.

What are those guys shooting him?

the posing is quite nice and what’s the ct_model
the muzzle flash could be a dif color though

Somehow I don’t think SWAT dudes, or anyone for that matter, would shoot someone in the wrist to make them drop their weapon.

That’s the F.E.A.R Combat dudes ! :3