Never giving in!

I am posting picture after picture on the contest and I will continue to do so… Who else is still posting? Don’t tell me to give up because I won’t. PlayRust! Pg. 111

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - postal))

Stop spamming the section by advertising your rust picture.

The contest is over anyway, stop crapposting and wait for the next way to get a key. you could try this thread.

Also stop spamming it with shitty memes for no reason. Facepunch has a low tolerance for memes.

Your drawings aren’t even good.

Everyone has their opions and I believe that’s the same for haters Revolver. And it was a question I am not advertizing hate on someone else

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Also it isn’t over until the contest is closed and as for spamming I’m not I’m putting in legit personal entries. I don’t think that is a problem

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And flaming is ban able cherecters so watch it

I’m pretty sure being an idiot is bannable too.

Your determination is impecable but this is just sad.

Predicting ban is against the rules, I’d suggest you snip that part because quite a few people have already been banned today for predicting bans, Just trying to help you out

What have I done to be an idiot? Nothing but post my opinion and that makes me an idiot I’m pretty sure that is flaming… I’m wasn’t predicting a ban so I can’t be banned I’m saying that it is ban able. Why people?

It depends on if it’s on purpose or not Bisousbisous. bisous <3

You are being an idiot for accusing Charecters for flaming, which he isn’t. He is just stating his mere opinion.

I drew 2 pictures and then gave up when I saw the talent of the people (in the later pages, at least) that did win keys. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to make anything that great, it was the viable option. It’s alright to be determined, but not to the point of when you’re wasting your time and others time.

Accusing someone of flaming is backseat admin, which you can get in trouble for. If you do not like what they are doing report them, do not tell them they could be banned. Again I’m trying to help you out

Rust is not even that special. it is good but there are better games out there.

I’m actually wondering whether they’re still giving out keys in the contest…

I think you meant to put “shitpost” not “art”

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For everyone saying they will kill their selfs if they don’t get a copy of RUST;

  1. Garrys Mod [9,99£]
    Note: “needs” Half Life 2[8,99£], Counter Strike: Source[19,99£], Team Fortress 2[FREE]

  2. Magicka [9,99£]

  3. Mount and Blade: Warband [19,99]

  • Might aswell get: M&B: With fire and sword [9,99£]

Those are my top 3 “low CPU games”.

If you don’t like them: