never got my key

So i paid $26.00 yesterday for a key and i never got it. I sat there waiting for about 2 hours, then i went to bed. Woke up and went to classes came back and still no key. So if an admin can help me or direct me in the right way please do. I also emailed last night and no response yet.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the support sticky" - postal))

Did you check your paypal Email?

When you pay Via pay pal and your credit card accepts the purchase. They instantly send you a key to the e-mail used for your pay pal. If you didn’t use a pay pal account, they send it to the email you provided (you may have made an error typing it in). Check your paypal account if you used one and see if the transaction went through, If it did, wait for a response from the support.