Never hire this Lua Coder

Okay so yesterday I wanted a coder to code me a function that will make it so only donators get to buy some of the Traitor equipment on TTT.

He did so and gave me the code, while he was explaining, I did not understand shit, so he decided to block me and stop helping me. I paid him $10.

This was the thread:

I don’t know what kind of code he gave me, but since I am not allowed to leak stuff on FP I will not do so unless given permission to do so.

Okay so I let me friend take care of it, he’s a bit experienced in Lua so he took the code, put it where it belongs, edited some of the equipment and yadayada.

I started the server, went on, became a traitor, pressed C, and guess what? I couldn’t buy ANY of the equipment, the code broke the whole Traitor shop but luckily my friend removed everything and it started working again.

I want to release this code so people could see how much of a scammer this guy is and that he is very untrustworthy. He won’t take his time to help you no matter what. He will block you if you are not understanding what he says. I mean I am hiring a damn coder that means you should spoonfed the f out of me until I get the whole thing done. That’s how it is supposed to be. I am not experienced with Lua in the slightest and I told him that but he still refused everything and decided to block me.

Heck you want to know about the function he coded for MYT? The one for Pointshop and TTT? It doesn’t work either. It’s broken. This coder doesn’t know what he’s doing whatsoever and is still charging money for his shit work.

Why would you hire a coder when you can’t even interpret the code. It seems like your fault; if I was hired for a complete moron that has to have me spoon feed him even the simplest of instructions I would call it quits too.

He still got paid though, if he bails out he should have refunded, even partially

Dude are you serious? I paid him $10. If I pay someone 10 damn bucks then he should be ready to spoonfed me all night. This is real money. You either help me or refund me. Period.


I would have paid someone that was more well know in the community… WAIT A MINUTE! I can find those people in:

Next time research people before you settle for a coder

He is completely right. When you pay someone for a service, it is expected to help them as much as you can within the boundaries of your agreement. It was his fault for choosing someone like that, and he knows now. But when paying a coder, it is expected for them to help you with it.

What? You’re proposing he should know how to do this AND hire a coder? What is this logic?

Are you one of the guys that respond to help requests in here with things like “You only want to give what, for coding!? coders get paid $100 an hour!” But you forget this is A)for game, B) primarily talented kids flexing their skills while getting an opportunity to earn a little money, C)those high rates are for professionals and C) if he did want to hire a professional coder he could hire an $10/hr Chinese guy.

Anyway… point is, the coder accepted the payment therefor promising completed work, and didn’t fix bugs. He provided incomplete work with bugs that actually remove features. The kid should be refunded. I think the OPs rant is valid.

Its possible that the writer of the supplied code was giving sensible instructions capable of being understood by most anyone.
10$ is no money at all except for children and families living on the brink of bankruptcy. If the instructions were valid as well as the code, OP’s friend could simply have also been incapable of implementing the code (for instance, OP may have not supplied the original instructions).

Without knowing the full context behind this, no proper judgement can be made.

It’s a skilled job. It doesn’t matter what you’re using the code for. Target doesn’t sell TVs at half-off because you’re going to use them for video games. Their time doesn’t become less valuable because you’re using their time for coding in a video game.

You’re just talking out of your ass now.

10 dollars, after paypal fees is maybe 8.70.
Not enough to spoon feed you… or anyone.

Agreed Ramses. I always pay the fee though, so it charges me more. I’m sure those who I hire though appreciate it.

It depends on what you’re coding. Huge projects like the stuff NoxiousNet has must take a lot of time and require a lot of skill, but most of the stuff people are paying for is “DARK RP JOBZ PLZ” which would take approximately twelve minutes to make.

I paid for the fees and also agreed to donate more if it worked. Coder gave me a non-working code and it has been proven on his threads where he has given out free codes several times. None of his codes works. It is blatant how I am the one who should take responsibility on this one.

This thread made me giggle.

Well it is your own fault for hiring this guy.

If you did your best to follow his instructions then it’s certainly wrong of him.

He’s probably just one of the people who sits on the computer all day jerking off to red X of the facepunch logo thinking that there boobs, finds a post that he could get money from. Copys and paste the code straight from the Gmod wiki and thinks he’s pro

lol if you pay someone money to do a lua job, they’re expected to do it no matter what
thanks for the warning op

good points on both sides, thanks for the heads up.