Never Host Using!! "READ WHY"

This is why you do not use Vilayer’s hosting “services”.
Okay, I bought a server for garry’s mod and as I goto load it up and have a look around oh… It’s not responding. A Server I paid for is not responding… I went nuts anyway there’s no Contact Us or anything like that so I thought eeeeek maybe it was just a dodgy download and it never uploaded properly but hey then I bought a server for gmod 13 hopping that would work instead and you’ll never guess what haha the same shit again “Not Responding” I mean I’ve used Vilayer before way back with a CSS server I had and no problems what so ever stood before me just has to happen now…
Just think about it a server you acctually paid for is not working so it’s “fresh out the packet” and it doesn’t work and what pisses me off the most is that there’s no Contact Us anywhere haha to hell with Vilayer!!! :suicide:

So how long has it been down then? The servers on Vilayer’s end may just be down because of a technical fault, as you say their servers have worked before.

I bought the servers Wednesday and ever since, there has been problems as noted above. Pretty fucked up really them getting you to pay quite a bit of money and getting nothing for it, know what I mean…

vilayer is cheap, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend

I heard about Xenon just recently what are your thoughts on them?

I would recommend vilayer over xenon… I’ve just had horrible experiences with Xenon.

Xenon is total crap nowadays, the only good host I would recommend would be

Vilayer failed me and my friends completely. We started our account and they went ahead and took 3 days to even activate the server. Upon activating we finally got access to the ftp. In the middle of uploading ACF the FTP crashed, and we failed to ever get access for the next 3 days again! Their ticket system and technical support practically ignored us. Eventually we told them we’re cancelling our account and going with NFO.

So now were a month into our NFO server and we now recieve emails from Vilayer about how we’re not paying our dues to keep their shitty server running…

1.10/slot, support is so fucking quick it’s like IMing, fast as hell servers.

Man I used vilayer, Took them days to set the server up, and the server never worked with fastDL they kept saying it was my fault and that I should go post on facepunch the a-holes, Took me a week of messaging them and trying everything before I gave up and accepted…

but yeah I would never recommend buying a vilayer server for gmod, cause you aint ever going to get mods working on there

I recommend ElpisHost. Not much else I can say.

I am fairly sure all the smart people on Facepunch will instantly recommend ElpisHost.

Um guys this thread is from october 2012 btw

Vilayer still sucks, worst support ever!!!

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