Never Insult the Sandvich

Heavy, Scout, and Engineer were out to lunch, when Heavy wanted to share the gift of Sandvich with the Scout, the Scout decided to be a jerk and forsake of the sandvich… Terrible mistake.

How to m8ke gr8 gmod tf2 vidya

make it sooooooo random!! xd
use music from classic games and cartoons, your dick will be sucked in the comments!!!
No need for lip syncing, just hit the randomizer button and you’re set, the faces r super funny, so u get extra street cred!!!1

So… I geuss Rubberfruit, DasBoSchitt, and Kitty0706 are the only people allowed to do that?
Welcome to G-Mod, son.

They did it 5 years ago dude, you’re a bit late to the party
Learn to SFM or something

Ah, alright. :T
Thanks for the idea, I’ll check out SFM.