so… just chillin here. maybe 20 of us left online? 3 active in chat?..

getting raided… chillin in my base as they keep returning with more. so far its looking good. but i know as soon as i log out they are coming in :confused:
i feel im a better shot than them. so while im here i should be able to disable and repair. but now that everything is breakable its only a matter of time till they catch me afk…

servers are dead still… everyones getting bug. yet, we are still in here… stuck in the system… forever fighting.


please add metal buildings… now they can break thru my walls easy and 1 hit my metal doors…
sitting here… surviving :frowning:

also hello omgsaint and borch… my two friendly friends who want nothing but to break into my house during this event and give me presents… right?

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you guys are marking my thread as funny…

im sitting here looking out my window :frowning:
4 butterflies :S

Just because of this post im logging in to come find you

Shtap it!

wait… I killed you a few times at the factory a few days ago l o l
Maybe ill let you live for now.

For some strange reason, I find this thread depressing.


so ive been reading around forums… no notes about any updates from any staff… nor have any come ingame (guessing they’d be able to still get on) soo… anyone hear any rumors?

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probably because i want to stop playing?.. but my team cant log in and the house has… stuff in it

Stuff you say? I like stuff. Any one want to join me to take his stuff away? :yarr:

If you think about it, if they add a metal door to the game. Why wouldn’t they add metal walls, stairs, foundations, etc.

I wanna build underground and hide the entrance and stuff.

Yeah im waiting too, hope they fix it soon

this actually just reminded me that I’ve had a key for this for like 6 months. Huh.

sucks about that bug, can’t connect.

jesus fuck this section is just a big ass tumor killing facepunch

I had a blast rushing you with economy raids. 1 Satchel mp5 lol 1 medkit. It was fun bro, thanks for the enjoyment when no one is around.

thanks for not being a cunt like 90% of the people i get into gunfights with. we had a few good gunfights before the attacks.

btw have you tested it on walls yet? i havent wasted any on walls and i know it 1hit’s doors.
ive hear’d 4 on a wall… but no other proof that word of mouth.