Never pull a clowns finger

Right click, View image.

FYI it’s stupid.


Hey, that was actually pretty good. Keep it up!

Come on guys i need some more box’s! i got shit to store.

Heh thanks Ekalektik.

Not bad at all, just the kind of lame joke you’d come to expect from the Joker.

Wasn’t dumb so I don’t know why people rated it that. They should be rating the troll shit dumb. Anyways some pretty cool comic.

Ah, that Joker is a bit of a trickster.
I think explosion should probs be a little more ‘firey’, other then that, pretty darn gooood.

Good, but the CT’s eyes were kind of weird

Nice job man keep it up!

Could you please provide a link to wherever you got that Joker ragdoll? The only one I can find on is the MK VS. DC one, which looks awful. Thanks.

Ah, Joker, you are the God of IRL Trolls.


oh jesus christ his eyes when he said that joker armed a bomb was the best

Model Download Link PLOX! Oh, it was a really great comic also. Faceposing, other posing, everything was well done.


Holy fu…CT’s eyes scared the crap outta me lol