Never Saw Me Comin'

Photoshopped version:

Non PS’d version:


-This has to be the most unfuckingcooperative pose I have ever done. Since when did Stormtroopers become pacifists and dislike breaking Rebel necks?
-That is most certainly NOT Godzilla in the background. That’s just absurd.
-If somebody who doesn’t suck at Photoshop wants to edit this horrible waste of space, I decided to include the original, unedited version.
-Dodge/burning takes forever. Or maybe I’m just balls at it. Or both.
-This isn’t random. At all. Quit being crazy. A stormtrooper assassinating a rebel from a different series in the middle of the desert with godzilla roaming about with mini godzilla on his tail wondering why he’s balding being approached by a zombie makes complete sense.

You may now proceed with slamming this image.

If you want changes to the image quickly, then you can copy the background layer a couple of times and put up the copy as multiply or whatever looks better. You’ll still have to burn and dodge though.

Leave PS alone until you can properly compose an image.

yes, we are an exclusive club of 1337 posers, no newbs allowed, am I right?

Seriously now, just because someone doesnt make chesty or vman pictures means that he isnt allowed to post content on this forum?


it’s just his composition is absolute shite

It’s silly and I like it

I like how you said “we” as if implying that you’re actually part of the “exclusive club of 1337” posers. :buddy:


Rossum posted a more than valid point.

People should really learn to pose and learn composition properly before they even think about touching Photoshop or GIMP.

How do you think me and Vman learnt anything? We made poses with no Photoshop input at all for months, then did tiny amounts of editing for months to learn our respective programs and then we moved on to bigger and better things. If you start your first pose thinking “I’m going to try and emulate something Vman posted and do a giant scenebuild and pose 10 ragdolls and then edit in amazing lighting and a shit-load of explosions” then you will fail at everything.

The concept here of starting with composition and posing is exactly the same as the learning-curve of digital art; before you even pick up a tablet or open Photoshop you should learn and understand values, composition, lighting, anatomy and colour using pencils alone.

You’ve gotta learn to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. Good look trying to be an Olympic sprinter if you haven’t learnt basic motor control first.

That said, the posing here is quite good but the composition is poor. Perfectly centred characters, cut-off muzzleflash and a cluttered and distracting background make for an ugly picture.

Read up on rule of thirds and keep your backgrounds simpler.

yep, I totally misread his post. I read ‘Leave FP (facepunch) alone, until you can properly compose an image’

Thanks for the tips Chesty. Since I still had the save file I retook the shot. No editing either, not gonna bother. Not sure if the off-centering is drastic enough.

More drastic off-centering:

I think I should’ve kept Godzilla. Looks a tad empty without him.

I like it.

If I’d just said “leave FP alone” it would be valid advice though, this place is a ratfuck