Neverending Water

How do I create a neverending water effect? I’ve tried using a 3D skybox with sky_camera and water yet this does not appear, only a very stretched 2d skybox in the actual level.

No join date elitism, but by your lack of posts I assume you’re a new mapper, please correct me if I am mistaken.

So, are you leaking?

I’m not a new mapper, I’ve never needed to use this technique before. But thanks for the needless criticism.

He asked if you had a leak in your map.

go to map>loadpoint file, if it askes if you want to load then load it and fix the hole. If not, then you should be good.

I have no leak :S

This is the source:
water_test.vmf - 0.04MB

I’ll take a look at it


Alright so the probably was the size of your 3d skybox fit into the level so I had to make it extend a bit. Also, I wasn’t sure but I didn’t test this but you can’t have more than 1 expensive water type on a different level so I moved the 3d skybox for you so that the water is on the same level. Excuse the env_sun I thought it would do something lol.

That works great except the skybox texture is still hugely stretched (or so appears to be). Is there any way of changing that? I’ve tried altering the texture scale but that does not work (both on the real map and the 3D section).

The sky texture is because its a hl2 sky, I assume you are using ep2, just add hdr to the end of the sky name.

go to map>map properties>skybox texture


That works great, thanks for your help!

On the texture editor tool thingy select the water in the 3d skybox and change the Texture Scale.

He already did that.