Nevis Island :: Vanilla - English - No Wipe


We will be offering building resources, sleeping bags and increased air drops to players until we can raise the player count. Join now so you don’t miss out!

Brand new server up and running since 3rd July with an active admin presence. We are primarily English speaking but all are welcome!

The server is currently mainly vanilla but we are open to suggestions!

No Durability
No Wipe
Active Admins
Remove Tool

No hacking
No racism
Admin abuse is strictly not tolerated. Admins can be contacted in game, via twitter and on our forum (see link below).

We take the rules very seriously, especially when it comes to the admin rules. A friendly and equal environment for all players is our goal.

Come and help us raise the player count!


Durability turned off at users request, we will see how it goes!

Come join us!