NEW 01-06-2014! NA PvP/Sleeper/NO Admin Abuse/Noob Friendly

NEW 01-06-2014! NA PvP|Sleeper|NO Admin Abuse|Airdrops 1aDay|Noob Friendly|1/2Craft

New Rust server a couple hours old! net.connect!

This is a NEW 50 slot Rust server. looking to start getting populated. VERY noob friendly!
Sleepers(Your person is visible to other players when you logout and may be killed) are turned on so for you beginners try to build a wooden shack asap or ask some people on the server to for help.
Admins will not be using any “Admin Commands”, giving out weapons or using teleport for any purpose. So don’t ask.
Hackers WILL be banned immediately.
Enjoy a hacker free and lag free server!

lonely self bump lol

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Come kill Zombies! PEW PEW!

Bump for more survivors