*NEW* 1/28/14 [US] Fresh 50 slot / InstaCraft / Rust++ / RustEssentials / PVP / Sleepers / RareWipes / Spawn kits

Looking for a fresh start on a BRAND New PVP server?
Looking for legit, active admins who are around to ban those pesky noob-hackers?
Then search no further! You have stumbled upon a brand new great server!

What we have to offer is:

-50 Slots
-Once a day Airdrops
-Guild wars
-Rare Wipes
-Rust Essentials

and obviously more to come.
We are just starting out and are looking for a playerbase, so come on by and build YOUR base. :slight_smile:

Our server is called
Our server IP is :

Type net.connect to enter.

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Also on a seperate note, I am more than willing to take constructive criticism to make the server a better and more enjoyable place for everyone!