NEW 1/2Craft-Event-Free Pistol!!

Welcomes all players new or old to join our server!

Join us right now!
Server Name: NEW 1/4Craft-Event-Free Pistol
IP: (To join all you have to do is press F1 and type in these exact words net.connect


  • Friendly and active admins that won’t abuse the game
    -1/4 Crafting
  • Free 9mm Pistol for players that just join the server
  • We host events so you can experience the most fun on our server
  • Win big prizes from events

Opening Event: Population reach 5 - two air drops
Population reach:10 - One MP5 will be given to each person
Population reach:15 - Events will start to host with major prizes to win

If you have any questions please feel free to respond and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Server Admins: Ech0es (me) and Jerry
We are currently looking for admins to join our team. Please message Ech0es or Rolandballs on Facepunch.

Giving out items and instantcrafting kinda remove the point of the game tbh…

Server has bad admin abuse and kicks players that are playing fair. Servers/admins like this ruin this game.