New 100 Man Rust Server, With a Twist.

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This is…

I wonder how profitable it would be to just gun down anyone in the building, Hope you’ve got some decent security there.

well, at least it’s a tad more original than everyone else’s base.

Also, I laughed that the only rating you have is “Dumb”
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Pretty cool idea, but yeah, what will prevent raiders from wiping the place clean?

i am one of the admins on the server as far as the base being safe its free for any one to enter so long as they do not grief any one they encounter while they are inside if you do open fire inside the perimeter you will be kicked and banned it is your choice as to whether you decide to enter and check out the rooms/apartments you will find goodies insides these goodies are only to entice people to begin playing on the server once you have been to the castle and gotten your supplys you are then to go out into the world to play solo/or in groups that remains up to you we hope you like our idea as much as we do and have fun playing… ps follow the coast to the east and you will find the castle