New 2/9/14 [US][Sleepers][PVP][StarterKit][1/2Craft][Oxide & DoorShare][TPA]

How to connect: Press F1 - net.connect
★ 100 Slots ★
★ 50% Crafting Time ★
★ Sleepers ★
★ Fresh 3-11 ★

What Plugins Do We Run?:

  • Location so you can always see where you are and meet with your friends.
  • Airdrops less. (still rare)
  • Kits for a little easier start at the first time.
  • Custom Loot Table to step down the fast progression of players .
  • More fun with less common military weapons and C4 drops.
  • Build a Metal home with without worrying about everyone with C4.
  • Doorshare
  • History to see what you and all the others just wrote when you missed it.
  • HomeRemover you can remove your own buildings never be afraid again to misplace objects.
  • HomeAttack see when you base is under attack.
  • Tpa Teleport to a friend


  • No abuse feel free to play without an admin annoying you.
  • If you have any problems or questions you can always ask us.
  • We don’t give you/anyone items - no not even to our best friends.
  • No privileges for our friends if you bash them you don’t have to fear admin revenge. (we rather laugh)
  • Mature Admins over 20 yrs of age.
  • We speak either English or Italian. (But anyone is welcome)
  • Hackers are instant banned we know how to detect them.

We are a Gaming Group we host multiple gaming servers including minecraft so we have alot of experience with how to run a proper server

We at KraftKings Welcome you to make a home with us.

Great Server :dance:

Very nice server, friendly staff and new map :smiley:


Been there for 30 min and friendly start so far

Yeah very friendly staff and no abuse :slight_smile:

Been on for a few hours and still very good, no problems, no lag!

Thanks alot guys!!!

we updated to Oxide 1.13.1 come join us we are a Fresh new Server 0 Airdrops to date will have a drop when we reach 20 players on at the same time.

Yay! Keep up the good work :smiley:

Anti decay is functioning on structures now enjoy.

Looks good gonna give a shot see you online.

Many players are friendly :smiley: Some others will shoot you in the face as soon as they see you tho…

Yeah. No airdrops yet so still good for newbs!

need more people so we can get a Airdrop woot woot

just added 30min pvp protection for new spawners to be able to get safe before being killed by geared out players.

Server down? Wanted to check it out.

Server has been up I see you in game now so I guess you are all sorted thanks.

Not having to worry about being killed by a player as soon as you spawn is pretty cool, it gives you a chance to find a spot and build a shack at least

Protection is set up great :smiley: When you hit someone it turns off to stop people from abusing it and lets people turn it on if they are ready before the 30 minutes are up.