Server Title: |Oxide-NEW| Bear Grillz PVP [DoorShare|RusticWeapons|Groups]
max players: 75**

Updated: 1/19/14

Hey There!

This is Dolo, Owner of the “Bear Grillz” server based in Phoenix, AZ.

After a couple of weeks of server ownership, we took the exciting initiative to move to Oxide!
With this new move we’ve added quite a lot of functionality:

*** Door Sharing

  • Group System

  • Chat History

  • Private Messaging

  • Custom Loot Tables!

Rustic Weapons:

Our community may be small as of right now, but we hope to grow in the future, while maintaining our open mindfulness platform in which this started! If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please contact me here, on steam or in-game. I’d love to hear any input.

As the owner I refuse to let any future admin, including myself, abuse any administrative powers. If you feel you have been wronged by anyone in the community, please contact me directly on Steam or in-game and I will do my very best to address the situation personally.
In the future, as we gain a playerbase I would love to create fun, fair events for members who wish to have some fun. Gladiator arenas, Hunter/Hunted games, structured team deathmatches could take place if the community wishes. Always open to suggestions!

I have no intention of ever wiping the server again, unless it is absolutely necessary. Make yourself known on the server, be friendly and become a regular and i’d be more than happy to make accommodations for some sort of realistic refund of some sort if a wipe is ever necessary.
As I said before, I am not looking to abuse any powers i.e. spawning materials for friends, but having a great community is my number one priority, so keep that in mind for the future!

Hope to see you in-game. Happy Hunting.

  • Dolo

So far this server is pretty awesome, With me being so new to rust i didnt really understand what was goin on when i played on other servers, no one would explain anything to me, i met up with Dolo at an airdrop last night. Pretty chill admin he explained a lot to me about the game and even gave me a few pointers about building my first base!

I learned more on this server then i did in the past 3 days

Thanks Dolo!
I really hope we can get some more people to join this server I had a blast with the 10 or so that were on last night.

It was a pleasure playing with you Ockatop. Hopefully you continue to play in the future, and if you have any friends, please don’t hesitate to lead them to this server!

Just wanted to say thanks to the players who have joined after seeing this post.
Hopefully you have enjoyed your experience so far! As the population grows, we will start having events!
One member of the server had an idea for a naked man 5k. A sprint down the road, wearing nothing. Winner gets some type of prize.


Haven’t been raided in three days. Good place to be.

We have moved to Oxide! Please check the updated original post for more information! Hope to see you in-game!


I totally enjoy this server, its a lot of fun to play on because of my friends and the server admin Dolo. He’s very helpful and actually cares about the people playing on his server. I’m just now playing the new Oxide mod that he added to the server. An so far it seems like a lot of fun!