*NEW 30.06* Socialised.de - Sleeper;3 active Admins;ENG/DE;PVP;Vanilla

Hey There ! :dance:

Attention: This text describes the server, you need to read here! :wink:

First off I want to say you that the Server itself is for German people, but supports English speaking people as long as their English is well enough.
2nd off, the first Airdrop will come 7.07 when not too many people are on the server, IF alot of people are on the server in that short time, we will change it.
The server is Vanilla, has 3 active Admins ( Sikk, Mike and Freddy( also see-able by the clan tag [SOC] ) and is PVP.
The server is newbie friendly, has just come alive and is open for new players and even more, new experiences of Rust itself.
We got a jail, where people get if they do stuff wich is unallowed.
You got interested? Why not join? If you don’t want to search for the server, you can join by the console wich is accesable through F1 ingame. Just open the console and type following : net.connect
Thanks for stopping by and reading! Have fun on our server!

         If you want to know wich Admin does what :  Freddy ( :rock: )  : Moderator, Ingame Admin, Programmer/Coder  |Mike ( :words: )  : Ingame Admin, Owner, Programmer/Coder | Sikk ( :eng101: ) : Ingame Admin, Co-Owner, Official Ingame helper, Gamemaster

Teamspeak coming soon!

Your [SOC] Team :slight_smile: