New 6\3 Modded loot/Xtra signals/ Low C4 drops!!!!!!!

Freshly wiped server is in need of players. All c4 and explosives have been removed from air drops and have a small percentage of dropping from crates now. No crazy teleports or anything weird. Instacraft is active and there is no durability or fall damage!!! Only starter kit is a hatchet. Please join and help us build back up!!! We do have active admins that play everyday as normal players!!


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well the server is ran by kids who already are set up really well with massive bases. They could be the admins but i’m not sure. don’t join for thier entertainment

The admins are adults. The kids that you are referring to are new to the server as well and have been on nonstop all day. As the server owner there is nothing for me to do about it because they are doing nothing wrong. If you’re mad you get killed might I suggest a non-pvp server siderno?

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Also the giant bases you are talking about are only 4 stories high tops. Which is easy to do when the supply signals only drop building parts, guns, ammo, and armor. This is not a vanilla server. It is a modded server.