New 80 Slot Sandbox Server! With PHX/Adv Dupe/Wire SVN/Stools/Fast DL

Hello Everyone,

A few day’s ago a person named TrippleThreat Created a sandbox server in which can withheld 80 Players… Since it’s release it has been worked on and new things have been added to it near enough every single minute of the last few days.

The Servers aim is to bring in friendly yet creative individuals, It has a STRICT no-mingle policy and consists of only “Friendly” Administrators… So your sure to have a good time!

The community is 100% free to join, and is open to ANYONE who would wish to join and take part…

The many thing’s which makes this server stand out from the others are as follows:

  • 80 Slot’s, No Lag
  • Only friendly players and admin’s
  • Zero-Torrance Policy
  • Low Ping’s guaranteed
  • Admin packages available when donations are contributed
  • Unlimited Prop Limit
  • Adv Duplicator with BACKUP (So your precious work does not go to waste)
  • Secure
  • PC Mod
  • Custom Coded Content
  • 100% Free
  • Website which is updated daily
  • Forums
  • Free Technical Support
  • Fast DL
  • Votekick
  • Voteban
  • Global Banning System
  • And MUCH more!!!

The server it self also includes over 80+ Tool guns so your sure to have everything required to build your desired fantastic invention!!!

Server Information:

Server IP:


Gametracker Website:

Hope to see you online! :smiley:


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Feel free to comment or make suggestions of the server… I will gladly pass them over to the owner… :smiley:


You may run into some problems with an 80 slot player count… for starters I’ve not seen a GMod server handle to well over 60 players… I don’t think it will ever be full regardless, not saying its bad but there are too many problems that would prevent it from getting that busy.

Say if the sever was pretty busy, like 30 players or so, could you image how bad it would get, the server will lag, I said this before SRCDS will only use one core / one physical CPU and its very CPU intensive. If you end up having a busy server… and people are flying planes around building bases, having a bunch of wiremod entity’s around you will notice it.

Another thing I learned people who like build servers usually stay on servers with a lower player count, why? Regardless of lag, sandbox servers can get pretty bad… It can be hard enough to manage a slot count of 12-15 but imagine 30+ players. You will have people spawning all sorts of crap, laggy dupes to massive bases, to 100 drunk combines, you will have little kids screaming over their mics (if mics are enabled) and chances are you will get ALOT of problem players.

Another thing that would push me away, would be “Unlimited props”… judging by your site donaters must be the ones with the unlimited props, but if you have a high prop limit for guests, get ready to see RSO’s like crazy, a busy server with players spawning large amounts of props and either your FPS is sure to take a beating or you will be kicked off due to a snapshot overflow or something along those lines… or props will be just everywhere on the map… There is a reason why large RP servers have a low prop count

This is a good quote from the GMod wiki

"Admin packages available when donations are contributed"
I hope you are not selling admin, if so pull out the “Friendly” Administrators" in this ad. Most people who donate for admin instead of earn it tend to be very bad, not all but most, or you will get some little kids who buy it and wreck havok.

Your website looks like a typical forum, not too bad although I would work on getting an actual domain name (not a free one).

I decided to join the server, just a few things I wanted to point out
My ping when the server is empty was around 300, I know its a UK based server… but I’ve been to many other UK servers and It has not been that high.

Looking at the tools, looks like basic tools I would find on most sandbox servers… I even tried using the unbreakable tool…and its blocked… in fact ALOT of tools are blocked that should not be, that may be just evolve or you forgot to set the permissions, you may want to go do that.

I decided to try spawning one of my elevators, most servers handle it pretty decently… you can usually tell the servers on weaker boxes or boxes with limited CPU power.

Although your server handled it okay, it was on the boarder line the servers FPS was not constant and dropped from its initial 250 to about 15-20, just by spawning two… servers FPS dropped to about 5 or 6…then you could notice the lag.

Now think of alot of people had contraptions like that, mainly one with alot of moving parts, like my elevator, or maybe a plane which most people love to spawn, your server will become a lag bomb very quickly

I don’t think this server could handle a high player count of 80, or even 30 or so for that matter.
If this is a dedicated box and not on GSP, see if you can afford to put this server on a stronger box.

Although I have not been able to see how things are ran here, and how the admins act, I’m going to say its not a horrible server, but I don’t think it will live up to the expectations you have for it.

Just my thoughts, feel free to comment.

TL;DR ? Long story short - I don’t think this server will be able to live up to its expectations, I can see it having alot of lag issues, even more so when it gets busy, I’ve tested a few of my contraptions that work decent on most servers and it only handled “OK” but think of a busy server with more than just one big contraption. The tools, nothing special about the same amount as any other build server, I was not able to see how the admins were, but overall I think its like most build servers, which is not bad and to me its better than another RP server.

Just thought I’d throw it out there that a 40 slot sandbox on a very high end server struggled. You won’t manage 25 players.

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I hosted the main open beta test server of the gravity hull designator - which was 40 slots and nearly full for most of the first few days of it being up. It crashed a lot, server FPS was locked between 10 and 40 (While the rest of my servers are steady at what they’re set at - normally 300)

Population also matters. You probably won’t manage more than 16 or so at a time, so start with a low number server.

I’ll be sure to check it out. Looks like a nice server, however I don’t count on seeing it being full. :wink:

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Actually, my ping is at 200+ and i was the only one on the server. I don’t think i will be playing here much. :v:

I’m getting 109-150 Ping 1/80 Slots, Eu-West based (Netherlands) I have a 20mb/s download and 5mb/s upload connection.

Normally i get around 20-30 ping so I think your host is doing something wrong.

That is very strange, I get 5 Ping plus mates get 5-15 Ping constantly. It’s only really our Players in whom are based in Australian/New Zealand who get really high pings 100-500?

I will do a restart of the server it’s self, PHP/Mysql, as well as the TS3.


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It appears the RAM on the Dedi We’re using is being fried using the pings of our players to increase rapidly. I have done my very best to free up some RAM which should do for now until we raise some cash from donations to upgrade it.

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It appears to be back online now, however we urge you to read this thread before you get put off of joining…

Thanks Guys,
Jake Ives

Well, let me tell you this. You will not max out 80 players. I have never seen a sandbox server go over 32 players at any one time. Also, don’t put PHX as a thing your server has, every server in the game has it now seeing as it was added into Garry’s Mod.

Yes, PHX has been implemented in Garry’s Mod. Also, Sandbox just isn’t that popular, since most players has gone over to other gamemodes.

you clearly do not understand how ping works.


even if 20 people join and start building shit the servers’ in would most likely be around 3000+ making it unplayable.

sounds like a terrible terrible idea.

Lower player limit to 16.

How do 80 people even manage to fit on such a small map?

They don’t.

Your website throws a 500 error

thats large no. of members. 80

oh hi

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i can’t tell if you are a spam bot or someone advertising

hahaha 80 players, good fucking luck

8-10 is barely tolerable

The sandbox script was not made to carry 40+ players. But 80? Sorry, but that’s called pushing it too far.

Thanks for all your advice, 26 slots it is… :smiley:

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I clearly do understand how ping works. Don’t be a smart ass. :smiley: I have taken all your advice into account!

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Yh sorry, We had a hard drive outage it forced the server to close and when I started the server up with a new hard disk I didn’t get a chance to start apache, php, and mysql. All fixed now, thx

I host a build out of my house and yesterday 20 people were on it with no lag :smug: