New Active Server!! [AUS OFFICIAL]|PVP|No Abuse|Active Admins|Wiped 02/03/14

** Official Australia 4|PVP|Active Admins|Wiped 02/03/14
Server IP/Port:

This is a new server that was just wiped as of the 2nd March 2014.


PVP: Explains itself :slight_smile:
Active Admins: Explains itself
Airdrops: Will be adjusted depending on number of players on server.
Durability: Standard Rate
No Tolerance for Hackers: This explains itself and would be closely monitored
Sleepers: Active
No Back Pack Lock: Self Explanatory
Noobs Welcome: Yes this is true

Overall aim of server is just to have fun with some good PVP action!

Been playing on this for a bit today and looking good so far! Great admins and very noob friendly :slight_smile: Will be making this a regular for sure!

Good Aussie server low ping too

More People are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Been on all night Great Server for Aussie players :slight_smile:

Looking for alot more people to join :slight_smile:

Fresh aussie server clean slate start building now

Starting to grow :slight_smile:

yep need moarrrr

Now 200 Players and New Name

Starting to grow