New addition to ZS Gamemode

Me and a friend are making an addition to the Zomebie Survival gamemode that will probably be a very popular addition.

Now, what is the addition? Simple, a chance for the last human.

As soon as there is one human left, the course of the game changes. A pointer on the Last Human’s HUD points him in the only way left to win. He drops all weapons but his default pistol.

MEANWHILE, the zombies re-respawn and are completely healed. There is a waypoint over the last human’s position, and they respawn automatically when they die.

The purpose of this? Survive in the zombie spawn area for ten seconds.

Opinions? Suggestions? Critique? Sorry for being a newfag.

It won’t make your server automatically popular. What makes my server popular-ish? A stable gamemode, heavily edited and optimised; running for almost three years.

That wasn’t the point of the thread, the point was about the new ZS addition. I said PROBABLY.

My point was your new addition to ZS is no different to any addition I’ve made, or Ywa from Greens has made, or Mr-Wolf from terminal shell has made. The difference is we made more, bigger changes and have stable servers with a previous playerbase.