new addons not working

Did any of you guys met with the problem:
I had server and some plugins up and working, one day i uploaded wire extras
to addons and restarted, and all of these tools appeared on main tools bar (and not in wire, where they should appear) in a “New Category”, all of them not working, all being named like #wire_tool_rfid - #wire_tool_rfid_description ?

Does this really hurt you so bad? Sorry, but I thought this place is more suited to higher priority help.
Anyway, remove the addon for a sec, and check it was wire extras. I may have this too.

It was also happening with many different addons…
once it happened with pcmod, once whole wire, it happened with simple prop protection. After reinstalling the server, adding all the needed addons at once, and starting it, everything works (wire extras too!).
Yes, it hurt me bad, because some addons just can’t work until I reinstall the server, and reinstalling takes lots time
It is a dedicated server @

Okay, I found the solution - something was wrong with SERVER.CFG file
The q-menu was not working, there were some error messages about DSPackets etc.
It might have been that SERVER.CFG had some linux end-of-lines, or the problem was something else inside of it, but when i actually deleted it, and made completely new one - ALL of the problems were solved.

OKAY so the problem was , that I actually had sv_downloadurl set up, but there were only map files, nothing else, so if the client’s cache folder was empty, it was showing the download progress (xxx files needed) when joining the server, but was actually downloading NOTHING, because it was not on the downloadurl.