New Admin Mod Idea - Mdew

Hello, I am currently thinking up an idea for an addon. An admin system with an SQL back-end. I think it would be used for communities that use multiple servers and want to manage all their servers at once. So say you want to promote a player to admin; but you want them to be admin on all the community’s servers, then all you have to do is promote him/her in one server and it sets it throughout all the servers.

This is not the only feature this admin mod would support. I wanted to make it as functional as ULX and as nice looking as possible without copying anything.

Now, I want to know if I should even start this project; and if I do maybe I can use this thread as an idea thread for it?

Donations would be a nice helper for the project if you want to support it; no pressure if you don’t want to.

Start it and finish it.

Ideas please? xD

Start on the basics like fetching data from the database, fetch ranks and work on a plugin system.

You could also make it so bans can either be per server or for the whole community.

I like that. Thank you.

You’re welcome! If you want to add functionality for it, maybe a script that you could put on the community’s website that displays all this information. So if a person went to or it would display a neat and tidy list. Please finish this if you start it!! Sounds like it could be an awesome admin mod and I would love to test it once you get an alpha!

I definitely will if I get the motivation. That’s where the donations come in xD

No, you get donations after finishing it. You’re making it seem like you have to pay for the project to get anywhere, that’s the wrong way to think about it; You also don’t have any content and nobody is going to donate without it.

If you could even read you would know that I said you don’t have to donate. It would help motivate me to finish something I’ve already started. Don’t try to start shit on the internet for no reason. Troll.

The fact that you are insulting me saying ‘I cannot read’ is pure flaming on your part; not mine. Of course I can read! Everybody else seems to make great releases without monetary motivational support; so why can’t you? I am simply pointing out clear and valid flaws in your post. You still have yet to show any actual content, so until then you cannot discredit my post. Why should I give you money for something that may never be finished, published; or without any proof of it’s actual existence!

I am not trying to start shit, I’m questioning some bull shit that might already exist! If anything you’re verging further towards a troll than I am since this could just be a troll to get server owners hopes up.

Have you not heard of sites like I think you’re the only person that genuinely thinks it’s improper to ask for donations for an idea that I will plan and create. I am not flaming, I’m defending my OP and just trying to get honest opinions on my idea and not the fact that I threw a donation link in my post. I have an idea, I want feedback. Not trolls like you fucking everything up. Thank you.

Look guy, no one is going to give you money for you to make an admin mod when we have multiple already decent ones, some with SQL built in. You sound like a pretentious asshole calling everyone a troll, and saying that you need “incentive” to make an addon for a 10 dollar game. Kickstarter is used for full fledged games that people invest in because the money is required to buy software, license rights, equipment, and so on, you just want it because you feel you deserve it when you’ve done nothing except act like a selfish person and ask for money despite showing no progress or skills.

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Having an “idea” is a dime a dozen, and multiple lua coders here don’t ask or require “payment” to make an addon.

That was stupid. He’s not trolling or “fucking everything up”. There wasn’t much reason to bring up that, because people are simply telling you that they want more information and proof about what you’re doing before they even come across the thought of donating to you.

You spouting shit like “trolls like you” and “if you could even read” is just gonna end up fucking you in the end, because no one’s actually trolling you and you’re less likely to get anything from anyone… There’s plenty of admin mods out there, and people just want more reasoning of why they should give you their money. You don’t have to let the fire rush to your head.

Please delete this thread; I have no use for the shitty support on Facepunch anymore.

Best of luck to you and your mod.

Make it modular, so if anything breaks you can easily disable it without affecting core functionality.