New Administration Outpost Inspection

A stitch of 3 images. I had quite a few mistakes to cover-up during the stitching process so I won’t be surprised if some of them are not completely hidden.

Also, Jpeg quality deteriorated badly (to the point of being noticably bad during post-processing) too (don’t know how, might have been my Gmod settings). Tried to cover it up a bit aswell.

Anyway, it’s a minor scenebuild and it’s a test on concepts. The usual sort of deal.

That’s pretty cool.

Nice pic

Looks nice, but for whatever reason I dislike the way you have the sniper, on the right, posed.

Shame about the compression. It’s really blurry and painful to look at.

Really sweet posing though.

I don’t understand the point of the right side of the picture though.

I know I’m not the most unbiased person to say it, but I love it.

why is it so orange

I like it, too, makes me think of some middle-of-nowhere place they went to.

The orange confuses me, too, though maybe it’s just massive dust? Iunno.

The only thing that I really was put off by, though, was the casualness of the sniper on the right hand side, kind of messes up the whole tone of the shot.

to me it looks like he’s running to reach another vantage point, but eh

p. nice

Call me a big dumb spergin’ babby or something, but I really, really don’t dig the portrayal of the Combine as an even vaguely traditional military. Stuff like standing on parade at shoulder or present arms, a heirarchy or rank structure similar to what’s used by human militaries, it really doesn’t make sense - these are all strictly human traditions born of thousands of years of soldiering. A lot of it serves little practical purpose anymore (though you could argue it bolsters morale and discipline and instills a sense of pride, which is true, but in terms of use in combat it’s only abstractly useful), let alone to a highly efficient alien entity which wants to enslave humanity. I always saw the Combine differently, with the CPs being little more than sanctioned bullies (look at them - they lounge about the place, fuck people around for laughs… their discipline is somewhere between “utter shit” and “nonexistent”) and the Overwatch being purely combat-based, not even appearing in the city unless something on the order of Freeman turns up and the shit hits the fan in the biggest possible way. Even giving them any semblance of rank seems silly to me, since any and all orders are issued from the Combine homeworld down through Overwatch, which deals with each unit individually, basically erasing any need for ranks like we have now.

Rant aside, this is pretty nice.

Technically the combine do have a certain intrinsic rank system to them as it is. The best of the metros get drafted into the combine soldiers (even if they aren’t willing) and the best of those are then further modified into elites.

It can be argued that elites probably do lead the squads under their command to some effect. Any higher military structure is unknown though I guess.

As to the picture - I really like it, it just doesn’t really fit into HL2 as rossmun says.

Personally, I don’t think that they have much of a militaristic structure besides converting the more effective individuals into a different unit where they would be more effective.

I’m guessing the mostly what happens is, Adviser receives commands from Combine homeworld, broadcasts to all units, using their visual input to direct the course of battle.

i’m pretty sure combine soldiers arent mind controlled, just mind washed

otherwise they wouldn’t yell shit when they’re near a grenade

You never disapoitn Jimmy. :smiley:

But but…I thought it was a cool idea…:saddowns:

I don’t know if the editing is so bad or it’s just the compression that enormously raped it.
Well I guess it’s the compression becouse you’re a fine editer.

Also nice stitching.

This is the original prior to editing. Looking at the originals, this was doomed to being an eye rape from the start.

All originals have poor compression. Damn. I thought I was just tired…

did you use bind # screenshot because that’s what i do

I don’t like the sepia tone that much, but otherwise, top notch stuff.

I like it alot jim!