New admins please.

So my friend posts his server in the wrong subforum… he fixes the mistake but you still ban him from the forums for posting in the wrong subforum when it was an accident?

You need new admins, learn to do your job better, I already know I’m getting banned for speaking my mind so go ahead, prove my point more.

Thanks and have fun having terrible admins that don’t know how to administrate themselves out of a paper bag.

How do you administrate better than postal :v:

I like the “dumb” and “disagree” replies on my post when you have no idea what you’re even “downvoting” …

He got banned from the forums for posting on the wrong subforum, he moved it to the correct one, gets banned anyways, keep marking things you have NO idea about.

Way to keep people wanting to advertise their servers and help the game grow… ban for making small mistakes like posting in the wrong subforum.

Your friend is a dumb ass that didn’t read the rules :v: it says specifically that there is a subforum, now quit crying on his behalf, my sides are about to split with laughter.

Your friend didn’t take 5 minutes to read the sticky, therefore he got banned. Tell him to go cry in the refugee camp.

This is why everyone hates your forums… I’m done posting here and helping your game grow by paying for servers, have fun with moderators that don’t know how to do their job.

Toodles :zoid:

Edit: Jesus, you people act like this is soviet Russia, make ONE LITTLE mistake and drop the ban hammer, how pathetic lmfao, I’m out.

(User was permabanned for this post ("You're out!" - Swebonny))

…Didn’t something like this happen last week where a bunch of people kept re-registering and practically compared the admins to the Gestapo(though in not as many words)? And didn’t it start like this?

Jokes on you, your stupid ass already bought the game :v:

Even though in the core I do agree with the OP …
Theres a big difference between strict enforcement of rules and being an asshat about it, and some moderators seriously go way over the point where I think it’s okay.

…the way you post here just makes you look dumb. There are many many other proper ways to make a complaint and a rant here is surely not the way to go. While many might not like the way how things are handled here, thats currently the way it is and even though I would wish that some moderators would be a bit more friendly in how they ban people, most bans I’ve seen so far are fair and justified.

Arguing and insulting doesn’t solve the problem any better for your friend and nothing will get done as a result, bans here are the warnings based on how severe the rule was broken, learn from your mistakes and move on, or keep it up and look like a fool.