New Advanced TTT server (Fast-Dl PointShop and alot of more..)

The IP again: :zoid:

(User was banned for this post ("missed the games in progress forum" - postal))

You obviously missed the thread saying no server advertising.

right sorry about it close or delete this topic i will reopen now
i just read “General discussion. Not for help or support. Or advertising your server host” and i just saw and read advertising your server host cuze thats wut am i looked for sry

A lot, by the way.

But yeah, wrong section, throw it into the “games in progress” section.
You may wish to find someone more proficient in English to help out with your image, by the way, the people in “games in progress” can be assholes.

Also the server doesn’t seem too unique or advanced based off what you listed, however I haven’t played it so I can’t tell for sure.