New Airboat Track

I know it must seem like I have made quite a few of these but there are such fun to use and it would be great to get them on a server that I am pushing to build an amazing track that does not lag much but I need to do this with some trail & error tracks … and these are what I have been building :smiley:

So I need your feedback

The track comes with 9 coloured airboats with matching pit garages for any boats not in use. I was going to have jeeps as well but there is a section of track that the jeep can not cover which ruled that idea out. You could set a Le-Man style race with the pits where you can switch drivers (if you so desire)

The track is split into 3 sections. Sector 1 is a scrappage area (most the track was going to scrap but that would have used too many props for online use so I cut it back) sector 2 is a canyon and sector 3 is street racing.

From the start the scrappage area is a left into a hairpin right, then a flowing right handing into the canyon

Into the canyon, its a left - right chicane then a long right hander acceleration zone

A bridge jump over the start finish straight to enter the city

The streets get very narrow in places

A long, tight straight

Start finish opens up to allow passing but narrows up to 3 abreast for the start finish

If you like airboat racing then please try this and comment back on track layout and how your computer coped with it so I know wheather to improve the length and complexity of the track, add or remove scenery etc.

Eventually you will have the ultimate airboat race I promise

i love it.

Save please

Its at the top of the original post lol

Sweet made i will download it