NEW alpha RCon tool for Rust released!: RustCon

Well here it is guys: RustCon

RustCon is a new RCon tool I developed to fill gaps I have problems with when administrating a server.

It is sort off pre alpha, but seeing as it is the weekend I thought I would release it to the community
so those who where interested could give it a try!

Introducing the early, pre-alpha RUSTCON!:

Early notable features:
Auto Reconnect: RustCon will attempt to reconnect to the server no matter the cause of DC.
**Auto Variable: ** RustCon will set server variables like day length etc automatically
**Extened logs: **
With auto reconnect RustCon will keep logging even in the early hours while you are sleeping,
even if the server restart at some point. these logs are split and organized,
timestamped and can be filtered to console.

**INFO: **
RustCon will detect and install things like .net frameworks automatically upon setup and
automatically update itself when new versions are released.

Please check out the forums and post comments, suggestions and errors as needed.

Download info and forums at:
Direct link if you don’t feel like registering on the site:

I will share a link to the RustCon Dev server soon, I need to change GSP’s first.

That’s really all for now! If you plan on testing it out please remember its very early alpha and THANK YOU!
Post general comment’s here but send bug reports to the ‘bugs’ section on the forums at

thanks again and cheers!

PS. this is my first time posting here, I beg the forgiveness of the mods if anything in this post is not allowed or frowned
upon, I will endevour to change it ASAP!

Not to shit on your thing but…
First post.

No source code


Understandable arcane, but im not releasing the full source to a tool that I haven’t even gotten to
the point where I can release a “sorta” completed version.

The TS3 info is there in the first post however, so if you want you can pop in and I will be more than happy to share
portions of the source your interested in with you.

It’s coded in managed code in vs2012 with a click once deployment.

Enjin was chosen because I had an old spare guild account lying around and it was very quick to convert it for this impromptu
launch of the tool, and it also offered the ability for me to host the auto update for the tool from there, that’s all I need.

Some info on how RustCon handles your password:

You choose to save it with the server profile, where it will be encrypted with a
256bit rijndael algorithm.
you don’t save it and input it into a system inputbox where it is passed directly to the
auth packet and sent to the server.



Looks cool at the very least.
I’ll be monitoring this for more info and updates.

While I love Rusty, I think having competition is good.
Make sure you offer all the same functions if you are going to compete with them.

Love the console log with filtering and color changing. Makes finding what I’m looking for easy. Noice noice noice

Any estimate when the source will be available ?
Any any when the “release” will be?
Does it cause any problems with server load, Mods, ect?

Any chance of auto messaging support? The only thing preventing me from running vanilla is the lack of auto messages, and welcome messages.

Auto, and time looped messages are one of the two main things being implemented over this weekend
the other is the Kits section.

you will be able to choose the message loop interval, and whether it displays as a popup or in chat!


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Thanks for the feedback attckdog.

To answer:

1: No
2: I’ll get the missing pieces in during the next week, only started coding it couple days ago.
3: That’s in part something I hope the community will help me find out

It was developed on an oxide enabled, Multiplay server with quite a bit of mods running like:
Econ fork
Starter kit
and a bunch of others
but that was a low pop server peeking at 10 players, so not alot to learn from there

I’m moving to nitrous next week and will continue working and testing it there.


So I found a bug with your tool it for some reason does not allow me to input decimals into the areas that designate server settings like i cant set item damage to anything under 1 because of this issue.

Could you please tell me what the difference is between yours and Rusty?