New Alyx model

um guys i need help with this: , i can spawn the npc but for some reason she spawns inivible. so what am i doin wrong??

i put the whole file into addons and into the main garrysmod folder but still invisible.

  1. Grammer
  2. You installed it wrong prob.

Sorry about grammar but seriuosly i cant get it to work properly.

I would see how you’re supposed to try and install it then help you but it’s so big (like her boobs) that I can’t seem to download it in a timely manner, therefore I will withdraw.

What…come on man.

Okay I had a look at it. What you do is extract the alyxreplace folder to your desktop.

Then go onto your desktop and open that folder, and either copy or cut the two folders contained within (materials & models).

Then go to your garrysmod folder
“C:******\Steam\steamapps*username*\garrysmod\garrysmod” [sp](space shouldn’t be there)[/sp]
and paste the two folders into there.