New Alyx model?

Ok to start things off this isnt another nude Alyx mod request. Im just tired of looking at Alyx as a secondary character and find her too dull. Are there any Alyx skins or models which arent just different colours or her naked or it being renamon. I do want something female so its inkeeping with the theme and tone but thats pretty much all Im looking for.

I cannot think of any distinctive things iI would be looking for but something interesting.
Soria caught my eye but she doesnt come in an Alyx replacement.

Oh and no FF please as I have seen enough of that to start spewing blood from my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to post your ideas here or any links you have to interesting Alyx replacements as long as theyre not boring FF ones or Alyx nude or renamon again.

Thanks in advance.


if i knew how i would but sadly i dont