Hey guys there is and amazing new rust server up with an great admin. He set up games like hunger games and king of the hill. so you can join and help the community grow!!!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum, awful thread title, advertising a server without even giving the ip or name of the server. LURK MORE." - postal))

Uh, okay thanks for telling us about this server, that’s really useful.

jonnymad you always make me lololol

wow;if you make a forum account just for that than you might as well put the ip :v:

he was so excited to post this that he merely forgot about the 3000 + servers

3000 lol more like 6000

Best Rust server is RustThem

Check the Events Map at

Thank you in advance.

I think the server he is talking about is the rb rust server that got wiped today

JUST SAYYIN, I don’t know for sure


If i only gave 2 fucks…

Wrong section… Wait is it actually advertising? There is no IP…