NEW - Anarchy Gaming Serious RP

I just Opened my server and its now ready to be advertised.

Anarchy Gaming Serious RP

Max Players:24
Noticable Addons:MadCows SWEPS, DerpInv, Durgz Mod
Custom Jobs:
Pistol Dealer: Sells pistols which are Legal.
Rifle Dealer: Sells a variety of rifles which are Illegal.
Explosives Dealer: Sells a variety of grenades which are Illegal.
Scientist: Sells Hl2 Weapons which are Illegal, Flashlights.
Mercenary: Hired for money to kill people, Also Illegal.
Security Guard: To be Hired for Guarding shop’s or Individuals.
Drug Dealer: Sells a variety of drugs which are Illegal.
Thief: Has the tools to commit B&E’s which is obviously Illegal.
SWAT: A Division of the police department.

I am always open to suggestions, and I know a very common suggestion will be along the lines of “Get a Real RP Gamemode”. My steam is zer0ghost if you have any questions or suggestions send me a message. I know facepunch is filled with more of Gmods more “Mature” players but if I hear another person ask to be admin im going to lose it!

Pro ass server in think everyone should join!!

I really doubt its serious whatsoever. Stop calling your shitty DarkRP edits serious.

You had and still have a shitty DarkRP edit.

I don’t as I realized I was going nowhere with DarkRP.

Well, the jobs seems to be pretty useful and not stupid. I might join if i’m bored or something.

Please take serious out of your name.

Might swing by, im bored to death.

EDIT Appears that i can not speak in chat.
Because of exsto i believe.

Also the map is annoying me to death, i certainly hope you’re only going to use it some of the time.

Almost every job is labeled ‘illegal’

Sure you want to go down that path?

My guess is he just wants Serious in his name to attract more people, which end up laughing then going away. :ghost: