New and improved Dark RP server!

Hey Facepunch Community!

Today a new and exciting Darkrp server is born! This server is new and improved and is not the same as the generic and boring dark rp server!

Our server inculdes custom jobs, modified scripts and many, many mods to enhance the serious rp!

Here is what our server includes!!

44 custom jobs including: Military, Alien Invader, SWAT, Gun Dealers, Police Gun dealer, Police sergenat, Polcie Corporal, Super Hero and many many more!

Over 400 custom shipments including: Laser pack, Mad cows, Mega Mega Uber Gun pack v.4

Custom models from games such as Spiderman, Batman, Alien.

Very friendly and mature admins!

So if you are sick of generic Darkrp come and join this new Darkrp!!!

Ip: 64.76.343.177:27015


Owner: Awesome guy

Co owner: Angel of death

Admins: Doron, banana

Come join the fun today!

You lost me at “DarkRP”, “custom jobs to enhance serious rp” and " Alien Invader".



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Oh and “

Ever heard of a joke?

This is just some fake server to take the piss out of dark rp servers.

God I am not funny

So you posted a thread with detail as a joke and then didn’t give any indication of sarcasm.

ok ur clever

Your joke was not funny, my good sir.
It’s really hard to tell if something is a joke over the internet, especially if you don’t give us any hints of that it is one.

It wasnt intended to be funny.

Prior to my knowledge, you make a joke to well, amuse people and be FUNNY.

You’ve got a job called alien invader and call your server serious. /sigh
More jobs/shipments =/= serious
If you want serious, you aren’t going to accomplish it(easily) with DarkRP. Try something else.

LOL 40 Custum Job Serious Rp!
its not really serious,sorry.
try another mod,or create new mod.

Wish someone hosted version 1.00 of Darkrp on Downtown_v1, was the bomb back then.

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yeah okay he said it was a joke and your all still posting the same reply

I can’t believe darkrp uses genuinley think there servers are good when they rip stupid jobs from

Let this thread die jesus