New and improved nuka cola with many diffrent tastes

Now your probably asking yourself , why are there 12 bottles and why are they same looking.

Here is a why

I could not fit all 10 skins on 1 bottle so i had to make a second one for the rest of the skins.


:siren: Forgot to mention , use skin changer or some other tool that let’s you change skins :siren:

Ohh nice, very good indeed.

Well added another download link. And a small bump.

Fine job old chap!

Very nice. Dang, now I want some Cola :saddowns:

when i first saw this i was expecting something along the lines of

But this works too :awesomelon: finally something to replace the terrible nuka colas we began with

Umm… Those are the same ones i did you know. >_>


whoops, my bad i haven’t tried it out yet, sorry for sounding like an idiot

well the quantum looks…different…all the other ones are perfect! love what you did with the fusion. now if only there were some sents…:smiley: