New and inproved gyropod

the current gyro-pod lacks all the features needed and the gyropod advanced tends to crash my server. have been looking for an e2 chip that did what the AGP (advanced Gyro-pod) does but with no luck. Is there some other tool or entity i can use to make my ships fly well and not crash.

What exactly do you want it to do?

i want basicly a e2 chip to do what the advance gyropod does but be more stable . the advance gyropod has a high tendency to crash the server. even better would be a e2 chip that does all or at least most of the functionality of the advanced gyrpod and a parenter (or perm ploy weld, not sure which is better). Basicly after said e2 chip is laid down , you would wired up the the controls for flight, however u’d like, the e2 chip would parent, measure and adjust weight accordingly.
Playing on spacebuild servers loses its fun when evertime i buidl a ship and go to get flight done with gyropos. server crashes/
in terms of gyropod functions. id like a toggleable mouse aim for pitch and yaw. auto lever and a freeze command to lock ship in place.
i have scoured ever gmod resource i could find to find someting to replace the gyropod but nothing come close to what i need. , the auto parent portion is just a nice bonus to the code , becuase i think most people would do that sorta thing to a ship anyway.