New Animals

Does anyone know of any more animals they are trying to impliment? and if not anyone have any ideas?
Like some kind of mutant leaches and things in caves, and different aggresive animals for different biomes? like you wont find a bear and a wolf in a dessert.

i don’t know about animals as such but here is some if the concept work done by facepunch,

We don’t know that more are planned or any specifics but I’d guess we’ll get more. Legacy has chickens, deer and pigs that would all be nice to see added. Perhaps a more interesting variant on pigs would be wild boar that could be dangerous to the player as well. I suggested having bison for grasslands biome in the suggestions forum, i’m sure we could come up with other interesting biome specific inhabitants.

each biome having there own unique dangers and animals.

forest : venomous spiders dropping from trees, tangle root to ensnare players and tree mutants
snow/tundra : caverns to fall into, White wolves or foxes, polar bears and walrus
desert : heat exhaustion, snakes, lizards, big cats and camels
mountains : lack of stamina due to altitude, big cats, bears, goats and gorillas
grassland : buffalo/bison, big cats, armadillo and meerkats
sea : whirlpools/eddies in water, sharks, sting rays and tuna

would love the see a diverse animal population of the map


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