New Australian Server -

Hi All,

Rust Essentials Server hosted in Sydney.

No Durability
Door Share
Airdrops currently at 5 players
Slow Decay

check out for details though site has just been thrown up in between beers over the long weekend. Will be working to improve on this over the next week.

Server was originally a whitelist Server and has 50 Slots currently - If demand increases - slots will also. Server is stable and has active and friendly admins and all the usual crap people say. But seriously we are low population at the moment so plenty of room for people so come and try us out!


Hope to see you on there,

Hi all, server will be temporarily down then whitelisted as we test a change to oxide with a range of new mods to improve player experience - I will keep you posted or check out our website for the latest announcements.

Game on

Standard Features:

2 Starter Kit Types
Instant Crafting
Door Share
Slow decay - currently set at 8 weeks
Durability slow down - items loose points at 1% of normal rate
Customized help messages
Friendly Admins who do not Abuse their powers

Advanced Features:

Automated Death match running every 30 minutes
Fully Integrated Economy with store to buy or sell items
Missions with rewards (Limited but expanding)

Blacksmithing including:

Remove a Weapon Mod
Add/Remove a Weapon Slot
Smelt items into component resources
Repair items to full perfect condition


Automatic Door Closer
Compass with Direction and bearings
New Player PVP Protection
Base Lighting
Remover tool with item return and ownership check
Voting to end night
Door knock - See who owns a door
Ticket System

Connection Info and Help:

Press F1 to bring up the Console when you start Rust and type:


If you experience an issue and need admin assistance type /ticket “text”

  • E.g. /ticket “I can’t see at night”

Now with Mumble Server

Port: 64988

20 Slots