New Australian Server

Hello, Just created a new Australian server for anyone interested to start fresh.
PvP is on
Sleepers is on
Admins will be active watching for hackers.
Admins will be playing properly (not abusing privileges).

The server is located in Sydney and there is two people currently playing at the moment

Server Name: Aussie (Wiped)21.12.13
Server IP:

So come play if your interested to start on a fresh server with active admins

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Totally jumping in now!

Awesome, Also fresh servers are great for people who are just new to the game.
This way you can be on the same level with everyone else, at the moment no one has guns or a base so everyone will have equal chance to become top dog.

and it’s also great for the more experienced players who would like a fresh start, no one should be raiding for a couple of days!

help me kick start this new server guys

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Quit attempting to bump, you’re in the wrong part of the forum anyway.

Yo i cant find this server ? thats the correct name

Okay no worries I did not know

So where is the correct area?

Edit: NVM I read the section rules again and found it.