new-b questions - ping, decay

How much ping is acceptable? 100? more? 150? Anyone know when I will start to get problems. The low ping servers are mostly empty - if I want to find a server with, say, always day, then I need to pick one with more ping.

Also, people have said lighting a camp fire will prevent some decay? Is this for shelter AND for a larger building? Would you want a fire in each section? Any one know?

where do you live? I’m sure there are servers in your area. I personally don’t join anything above 100 and the server I play on has a ping of 30 for me.

I am in SF, so there are servers under 50 ping, but almost all are empty. I wanted to try a different type server than basic PvP sleepers, but don’t know if I can play if ping is around 150.

Anyone know of a good daylight only server that I can check out?